The Advantages and Disadvantage of Samsung RF510-S02

Published: 07th November 2011
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Specifically for the ones who need high speed laptop; this laptop be the answer for their wishes. But the actuality within the Customer Review published in; you can still find a few minor critiques that provide rate 1 star and two stars.

What is the reason makes this happen? This becomes an interesting issue, specifically for anyone that need to invest in a laptop and started to pay interest on the RF510-S0.

According to the most recent updates through, there are 38 reviews with 1 stars for 1 person, 2 stars for 1 person and 3 stars for 2 persons. Not much compared to 4 star for 11 person, and 5 star for 23 person.
Samsung RF510-S02 was now available as a laptop which includes a excellent efficiency. The Game enthusiasts and Creative designers should be like this laptop. With the Core i7-720QM Processors, Memory 4 GB, 640 GB Hard Drive capacity, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M with 1 GB of memory, the RF510-S02 can be a dream for all of the collectors of high speed laptop.

This Samsung-made laptop is receiving excellent awareness from the public. Primary cost of $ 1,079.00 presently has reduced by above 20%, causing it to be more cost-effective for the searcher of this laptop. From the facts which is up-to-date each hour, mentioned if: 75% of every applicant who detects the product shall buy it, and you will find 35 reviews with an average of 4 .5 stars. This really features a brilliant success on a laptop.

But like in broad, a product or service may have pluses and minuses for a variety of buyers with unique experience. If you are interested in this laptop, here is the pros and cons in this laptop which I have outlined from several obtained:

* Quad-core Intel processor i7 (8 total threads)
* 4GB of RAM (upgradable to 8GB of RAM, using DDR3 PC3-8500 204-pin SODIMM)
* Two USB 3.0 ports
* HDMI port
* Bluetooth 3.0 (I was Able to do BT file transfer from my cell)
* NVIDIA GeForce 330M graphics with 1GB of memory
* Samsung's True2Sound (impressive, but is not That loud sound)
* 802.11n, for faster wireless network
* Jumbo frames support on LAN

* No Blue-ray reader
* No eSATA port
* Resolution is not 1080p, it is 720p (1366 x 768)
* 5400RPM SATA Hard drive
* Was toll by Samsung Which you are not able to install the SSD HD. I do not think this is accurate
* Samsung's Web site and support is lacking
* Battery life
* No keyboard backlight

How important whether the advantages and disadvantages over the integrity of this laptop? All of it will depend on yourself. If ever you choose the speed and capabilities on this laptop once responding to a number of weight program, the laptop is still an idol for yourself. But if you think that the absence of this laptop like Blue-ray and battery volume becomes important to you, this won t always be your best laptop. All choice is at your hands, but apart from that all; Samsung RF510-S02 is included in high rate list laptops, because of its ability to be proud of, especially when the current cost of the laptop is a bit more affordable for its lovers.

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